100mm Double Plastic Omni Wheel w/Bearing Rollers 14041

The 100mm double plate plastic omni wheels have some rollers mounted along

its circumstance and the rubber rollers to avoid slip. Each roller has two bearings

allow the wheel to move smoothly and easily in Any direction.



Axial width:35mm

Number of plate:2

Number of roller: 18

Body material:Nylon

Roller material:Rubber

Roller bearing:Ball bearing

Roller diameter:19mm

Net weight:320g

Load capacity:20kg


Compatible Hubs:

6mm Hub 18007

8mm Hub 18008

10mm Hub 18009

12mm Hub 18010

16mm Hub 18012

12mm Key Hub 18017

8mm Key Hub 18024

16mm Key Hub 18026

10mm Key Hub 18025

10mm Stainless Steel Key Hub...

12mm Stainless Steel Key Hub...

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